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Eot Crane Manufacturer

We are considered to be the foremost organization for EOT Cranes manufacturers in India. We have a huge assortment of heavy duty EOT Crane such as Single girder, Double girder, underslung etc. with the capacity upto 500 tons for diverse applications in power, nuclear, shipbuilding, steel plant, heavy/general engineering sectors etc. We suggest you the ideal altered arrangements in the wake of doing a top to bottom examination of your applications, production facility, manufacturing plant, and material taking care of necessities. Looking for the best Eot Crane Manufacturer and Exporter? Shree Shakti Engineers is the foremost company dedicated to provide the supreme quality Cranes to complete after-market services for EOT Cranes of any make, hoists and related material handling systems. We are even offering the complete maintenance services for Industrial and workshop cranes.

Eot Crane Supplier

These offered crane mechanism is lifted to goods and equipment to move parallel for both up and down. Cranes for transporting to play a big role lift heavy stuff and move to other places. These cranes can be offered with a scope of standard electric wire rope hoists or chain lifts relying upon your necessity. Low headroom lifts are utilized where vertical space is at a premium to accomplish most extreme lifts. Additionally, we likewise supply Single Girder Cranes in a 'torsion box' sort course of action, highlighting a cantilever mounted ABUS hoist. We offer material handling equipments like low-cost cranes and wire rope hoist to meet your requirements and budget.

Unique Attributes of EOT Cranes

  • Designed & manufactured in accordance with defined industry standards
  • Engines utilized are particularly intended for crane obligation and discovers appropriateness in work range requests of regular beginning, switching and braking
  • Engines accessible in completely encased clean confirmation development
  • Gear boxes body manufactured using MS Plate
  • Presence of precision engineered hob cut helical / spurs gears and pinions to deliver optimum usage
  • All gears & pinions running on anti-friction type ball/roller bearings in enclosed oil bath for providing constant splash lubrication
  • Designed for optimum wear resistance for smooth operations
  • Modular design electrical panel that is easy to install and maintain

Industries and Applications

  • Automobile industry
  • Pipe mills
  • Power sector
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Heavy engineering industries
  • Transportation industries
  • Construction including high buildings, flyovers, roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Steel industry
  • Woolen Mills
  • logistics
Gear Coupling Manufacturer