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Gear Shaft Exporter in Jharkhand

Jharkhand was separated from Bihar in the year 2000 and become an independent state in the eastern part of India. It contributes an amount of 40% of the mineral resources obtained in India. Many rivers pass through this state including Dmodar, Koel, Brahmani etc. It also has various hills and mountains like Tagore, Canary, Trikut, Ranchi hill etc. In addition to this there is a wide variety of flora and fauna including the national parks and zoos. It is not surrounded by water bodies on any of the side, but has a number of rivers and waterways and hence has many ports.

We have gained years of experience as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industry equipments including weight lifting machineries and spare parts required in the machines. We have a great team of professionals that have years of experience in this field to make the products. We supply our products like EOT, HOT, Gantry Cranes, etc. in all the cities of Jharkhand like Ranchi, Phusro, Jamshedpur etc. Each of the machine is made from the best in quality raw materials and manufactured in the machine equipped with latest technological features. These products are offered at the best rates compared to any other dealer in the market.

Roller Manufacturer In India